Register Rental Agreement Singapore

(i) lease agreement with fixed rent and additional rent on the basis of a percentage of gross turnover (GTO) with no maximum or guaranteed minimum It is punishable to use a rental contract if its stamp duty has not been collected. The authorities (and the landlord) can take action against tenants who do not pay on time or who are completely unaware of the payment. Technically, a rental agreement is required, which must be stamped before the tenant signs it. But this almost never happens in practice. In reality, a rental agreement can still be stamped without penalty if it is carried out within the following deadlines: After signing the tenancy agreement, the tenant is responsible for paying stamp duty for the commitment and effectiveness of the contract. For example, you can check rents in private residential neighbourhoods that are not landed with at least 100 units and 10 rental contracts per quarter. Please note the examples 1 to 3 below for the calculation of stamp duty for installment or percentage GTO leases. You can also print a confirmation letter with the names of the tenants registered in the apartment via the E-Service “Request on Tenants”. You can also use the “Request through Authorized Tenants” electronic service to assure your tenants that they are registered with HDB.

A variable rent lease is a contract for which the rent varies during the rental period. Rightly so, the tenants are the ones who pay stamp duty. The party that is required to pay stamp duty is generally indicated in the agreements. For example, if you are renting a property, the rental agreement should indicate who should pay stamp duty. Source: IRAS. (It also applies that if you are good at negotiations, the landlord can refund or pay the stamp duty amount for you, but the payment should always be made on behalf of the tenant). I simplified the message in this article. Thank you for reporting it and for informing us! Have a great day 🙂 You can check the number of foreign employees registered on your land via the Manpower Ministry (MOM) website. For landlords, you don`t need to register your tenants with URA. Stamp duty is a tax payable on documents relating to the rental of real estate in Singapore, such as the lease or lease (TA).