Rental Agreement Deposit Clause

Hello Jamal, I had signed the contract with my tenants is valid until the end of June 2016. The tenant never told me not to get along again until I got her message, then she told me I could go further to get new tenants and also ask for the deposit to do without May. I refused because our contract runs until June and they have to pay me until June. The deposit had to hold until they moved and no damages to pay them back for 14 days. My wall was drawn by children everywhere, and I ask them to paint so I can bring a new tenant to see the house they refuse, and told me to return the deposit, so they will. As an owner, do I have the right to ask them to paint the house, as it is still 1 month before leaving the city? Please help me, I am a loss because I do not know how to treat this tenant. In addition to the above, many TAs contain clauses related to: When do you want to be your due date? Most homeowners choose the 1st of the month. Keeping all payments clean in a calendar year is fiscally useful. But what happens if you move a tenant in the middle of the month? Then you`ll want to pay the rent.

Your rental should have a clause on how this happens. Hello Adam, I would like to know if the lease was signed, the deposit and the first month`s rent was paid, but the apartment was not ready to pay the agreed rent. When renting premises, a landlord expects a security deposit that is usually certain months` rent. This amount is commonly referred to as a surety or surety. The amount collected as a surety usually varies from city to city, for z.B. in Bangalore- 10 months rent is taken as a surety, Delhi 3 months, Chennai 6 months, and so on. It can also vary from owner to owner depending on the prevailing standards. Do you still have a copy of the copy online with the electronic stamp? As long as you have it, that should be enough as a legally binding agreement. Hello, my tenant said that he resigned from his company because the employer refused to pay him a salary. For this reason, it gives 2 months noticed (Jan – Feb) to cancel the lease prematurely.

First, he refused to pay for the noticed rent of 2 months because he said he had no money to pay. But he paid the 2 months` rent when he was told we wanted to evacuate them. I asked for a letter from his company to prove his resignation, but I received it until today. The lease did not expire until mid-April 17, but he wanted to move in mid-March 17. If I gave him the deposit, if he did not have proof of termination and the real estate agent told me that the tenant had left for some job interviews, then I guess the tenants do not intend to return to his country. He may have rented another place cheaper, which is why he wants to terminate the contract earlier and he wanted to use the deposit to pay the rent, which is why he refused to pay the rent of the notice. Please guess what we should do. Can I also ask the tenant to show an immigration letter regarding his dismissal of his work card? The fact that he resigned from the company instead of being fired? Is this violation of the treaty or do we still have to exercise the diplomatic clause of the above situation and pay it the down payment? Thank you for your advice in advance. Also make sure the agreement clearly states what you need to pay, such as electricity, water, PNG, maintenance, etc.