Sample Tenancy Agreement For Shoplot In Malaysia

(a) at the time of the performance of this contract, to pay the amount listed in section 8 of the first calendar under the name of DEPOSIT (hereafter referred to as this bond); which is not considered to be the payment of the rent and which is repaid interest-free on the expiry date of the lease, provided that the surety is granted to all the landlord`s rights to the lease arrears and repair costs in these premises and/or, if so, where such a remedy is deemed necessary or is born for another reason of fair wear and tear and a violation of the agreement by the tenant. (ii) If the tenant wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement before the expiry of the time limit here mattered, the tenant is required to terminate the tenancy agreement before the expiry of the period set from the day of the lease; n) During the two (2) months immediately preceding the expiry of the lease, unless the tenant has notified his intention to renew the tenancy agreement, as provided below, to allow the tenant, at all appropriate times of the day, but with at least a three (3) days` notice period, to see the lease of these premises. In the event that the tenant is abroad, the tenant must enter into a special agreement with the landlord to allow access. (m) to give the lessor, at least two (2) months before the expiry of the notice of time, its intention to make use of its option to extend the tenancy period. i. the tenant`s written notification that the possibility of renewal is given three (3) months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement; and (租客书面使择续给 (3)个满前租) (i) Cede the premises mentioned with all the renter`s frames (if any), if this is the case, at the expiry of the lease or the old destination, which are exempt from reasonable wear and tear under good and laudable repair conditions. The tenant may remove the tenant`s belongings, but must repair the damage caused to these premises or part of them by the removal of these objects. d. the tenant has the option of renewing the lease of the premises for an additional period of one (1) year under the same conditions; The agreements and provisions contained in it included PROVIDED DAS: 租客择续 (1 “)规件, 样, 件租赁, 产.任为载规规: (a) If the rent is paid at any time for fourteen (14) days after the maturity and liabilities of the same and remain within fourteen (14) days from the date of written notification of the landlord of this non-execution or if the tenant undergoes an emergency or seizure or execution of the tenant`s property or if the tenant is in liquidation, whether it is mandatory or otherwise (except for reconstruction or merger), in such cases it is lawful for the landlord to reintegrate the aforementioned premises or part of it in the name of that rent, but without prejudice to the landlord`s right to sue in respect of a violation of the tenant`s aforementioned conditions.