Slough Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

Information on council rents, housing improvements, homelessness and housing allowance. City Council wants to ensure that tenants know who their neighbourhood housing agent is and that they are required to ensure that tenants occupy the property rented to them. Until recently, all other leases were secure leases under the Housing Act of 1985. The rights and obligations of tenants and the council are defined in the tenancy agreement. If the city council wishes to recover a property, it can only take this action for one in 16 prohibited reasons. More often than not, the rent is not paid or another rental obligation is not met. The City Council should prove the reasons for the district court`s satisfaction and show that eviction was a reasonable option. Website: introduced in the Localism Act 2011, these are 5-year fixed-term leases and are currently being introduced as a normal rent offered at the end of an introductory lease. The main difference is that at the end of the fixed term, the City Council may decide not to offer a new rent or to offer another property if the tenant`s income or circumstances have changed. No deposit is paid, but at the end of the lease, a pre-agreed deposit will be paid to the lessor. The right to rent must be 12 months and a short-term rent guaranteed.

Your rights and obligations are defined in your lease agreement, which is your legally binding contract with the Council. The terms of your lease will be explained to you when signing the contract and you should keep a copy in a safe place. However, if you can`t find a copy of your lease, look at the documents below or contact us and we`ll send you a copy. An introductory rental contract will be offered to all new applicants for social housing. These last for 12 months and during this period, tenants have fewer rights, and the courts have less latitude to decide whether the Commission can evacuate a tenancy agreement.