Teachers Salary Nz Collective Agreement

Note: The reduction may be related to the overstaffing, but it alone is not sufficient to require the school to require the procedures described in point 3.9.3 of this agreement. 4.8.7 Technology teachers, who fall under the jurisdiction of item 1.4 a), receive leave allowances on the same basis as primary school teachers. Note: this right is replaced, but should not be added to a unit assigned by the Ministry of Education to teacher resources. 4.19.1 A teacher appointed Master of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) or appointed to a permanent position or discharged from at least one term in approved categories of special schools, health camps and hospital classes in accredited schools with particular problems, receives a special allowance equal to an additional salary level or, if the teacher is at the maximum level of his or her qualification group. , an extra $995 per year. Physical education teachers and sports coaches must have a good level of fitness and health. 4.12.3 Teachers receiving the Staff Incentive Allowance (excluding the long-term unemployed) are entitled to the allowance for at least three years in each approved school for the payment of aid. Therefore, when a school is removed from the authorized list, eligible teachers who have not received the allowance for the minimum three-year period at the date of non-compliance with the school will receive the allowance until the end of the three-year period, provided that the continuing service at the same school is maintained during that period and that the teacher remains in an organization eligible for assistance. However, for teachers who have already received assistance for a period of three years or more, the payment of aid is immediately suspended at the time of non-compliance with the school. If the teacher goes to a school that has not been authorized to pay for the aid, the payment expires immediately.

If the teacher moves to a school that receives the allowance, a new minimum period of three years applies from the start of the new school. 4.16.1 A permanent teacher who, in a given position above the basic scale, receives compensation for the period under review, which represents the difference between his salary and the rate for the position that the teacher reduces, but no more than the rate corresponding to three units above the teacher`s place of residence and under conditions that the Minister of Education may authorize. This collective agreement provides a basic scale for trained teachers and out-of-school teachers. The G ratings in this collective agreement recognize that the New Zealand Quality Qualifications Register provides the appropriate framework for determining the relationship between qualification and salary. The terms of employment for which THE PPTA members fought are defined in our collective agreements. 4.7.1 During a possible wage protection, the teacher is entitled to increases or wage increases due. At the end of the protection period, teachers` salaries are reduced to the maximum salary to be paid under the new rank of the position. When a teacher whose salary has been reduced is later paid a new salary, it is judged as if no reduction had been made. 4.9.9 Teachers who are on duty on or before February 1, 1971 do not need to acquire an additional qualification if they fall into one of the categories mentioned in the supplement 2 4.9.3 A teacher eligible for payment of the mark-up receives, on request, an additional salary of USD 2,000 per year.