Chic Agreement

The modular housing that will be provided under the agreement may include housing (apartments, houses, bungalows, etc.) for social/affordable rents, shared property, market rents and property sales. These can be modular buildings with low and medium walk. Judge – Priestley LLP (J-P) is pleased to have been successfully named in the New Framework Agreement of the Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) for Legal Services. For the purposes of this agreement, (a) an “article” is any type of footwear, clothing or accessories such as bags, hats and jewellery made on the chicfashic website (the “website”); (b) the “tenant” is the person who rents the item and all other accessories through an account created on the site, and the “Lister” is the authorized owner or representative of the item made available to the rental via the website. This contract for the rental of items (“contract”) is a mandatory agreement between the tenant and the lister. Good Wind, LLC (“Chicfashic”) is only a party to the agreement to the extent necessary to facilitate the lease and to recover and pay all costs that may be due under this contract, otherwise it is a third party that benefits from this agreement. British American Tobacco has signed a conditional agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the CHIC Group. The CHIC Group has 800 outlets in Poland, its own electronic fluids production site, a modern research and development centre and leading Polish e-cigarette brands such as VOLISH, P1, Provog, Cottien, LiQueen and Aromativ. 3.4 Compensation. The tenant agrees to compensate list and Chicfashic and their subsidiaries, agents, licensees, members, executives and other affiliated companies and to keep their employees unscathed. Contractors, representatives, officers and directors, of and against all claims, damages, obligations, losses, debts, costs and expenses (including legal fees) arising from participation or any other form of participation or use of the article, including possession, use, exploitation or restitution of the item, and including claims that are related to acts of negligence or omission of list or chichfaic.

If Lister, Chicfashic or any person acting on their behalf must bear the costs and legal fees to enforce this Agreement, Renter undertakes to release them and compensate them for all these costs and costs. Kingsley Wheaton, General Manager of Next Generation Products (NGP) at British American Tobacco, commented on the agreement: “The acquisition of the CHIC Group is strategically important and economically viable.