Disagreements such as rent, payment or forfeiture of deposits, the right to increase rent and rental periods are private business between the tenant and the landlord. Landlords and tenants should try to settle the dispute amicably and reach mutual agreement. It is recommended to read carefully and understand all the terms of the lease before signing it. As proof of payment, you should pay the rent and deposit by cheque. You should also enter the keys into the apartment immediately after collection. It is customary for the rent to be paid monthly. The first payment must be made on the day of the start of the lease, while subsequent payments must be made on the same day of each month. The amount of the deposit is usually one month`s rent for a one-year contract and a 2-month rent for a 2-year lease. This is payable at the signing of the rental agreement with the rent of the first month. It is recommended not to pay more than one month`s rent.

The tenancy agreement is the compulsory contract between the landlord and the tenant over the duration of the tenancy. The lessor will file this lease agreement with HDB. You can request a copy of this HDB authorization letter from the owner as a reference. After receiving the inventory and inventory list from the owner, check. If tenants and landlords agree to ta and inventory list conditions, hold a rental home meeting to sign both the TA and the inventory list. If you plan to rent or rent an HDB apartment or a bedroom, you can refer to these standard rental models created with contributions from regulators, associations representing the real estate agency industry and consumers and practitioners experienced in the housing rental process. These models are only a guide and you are free to modify the model or negotiate the conditions contained in the model with your real estate agent in order to meet your needs and/or requirements. Pls ensures that you and your occupancy passports will have a validity period of at least 6 months at the time of the owner`s application to rent to HDB. If the LOI is accepted, go to the TA Inventory List, which is signed by both the landlord and the tenant. Payment of a balance and pre-lease to the landlord. Once the TA and inventory list are signed, you must give the owner the balance of the down payment and the amount of the one-month rental.

Checklist for the rental of residential real estate (by CEA) While the owner prepares the TA, pls send a copy of all tenants and passports of the occupant /S (passports for employment, S pass, work permit, student passport, Dependant Pass, NRIC, etc.) and passports for verification to the landlord. Owners and tenants can run together against faucets and fittings through the inventory list. Once the law is signed and handed over to you, the lessor must establish the lease agreement (TA) and the inventory list. The owner will email them to you for verification. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________zur check the copy you sent to the owner. The owner lists all fittings (canapé, dining table, beds, refrigerator, etc.) and faucets (ceilings, air conditioners, built-in kitchen cabinets, etc.) that were agreed by the owner and tenants in the inventory list during the LOI phase.