Tentative Agreement Cupe

“The five-year contract is fair to the people of Toronto and the 79 local workers,” the city said in a statement. Toronto Mayor John Tory said he was “pleased” that an agreement had been reached and stressed the importance of municipal employees during the COVID 19 outbreak. Details of the interim agreement will be made public after the general assemblies vote on the ratification of the agreement between the parties. “This agreement is timely, affordable and accountable. When the details are released after ratification by the union and the council, you will see that the agreement meets the city`s objectives,” Tory said in a statement released Saturday. The University of Guelph and CUPE 3913 units 1 and 2, the union of teaching assistants, university assistants and meeting professors, reached an interim agreement. Representatives from Brock University and CUPE Local 4207-1 have tentatively agreed on a renewal of the collective agreement. The union agreed that the employer will not have to pay a penalty if the contract is exceeded before December 30. In addition, both parties have committed to updating collective agreements to comply with recent amendments to the Canadian Labour Code.

The interim agreement must now be ratified by both parties. The negotiating team, which represents patient caregivers (PAB) and health and social service assistants (ASSS) associated with CUPE and SQEES-298, announced a major preliminary agreement for full-time permanent occupancy across the province. If cupE approves 79 members and Toronto City Council approves, the preliminary agreement will be in effect for five years. Negotiators reached an interim agreement after several days of 24-hour negotiations, before a deadline of 12:01 .m this morning. Please note that the members of Unit 2 do not publish details of the collective agreement until the interim agreement can be formally presented to members of MPMS Unit 2. FREDERICTON (GNB) – An interim collective agreement has been reached between the New Brunswick Children`s Homes Association and the New Brunswick Council of Host States, which represents members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) in 51 of the province`s 68 retirement homes. “At the bargaining tables, much more needs to be done to renew the collective agreement. Our organizations are ready to commit all their strength to reach a satisfactory agreement quickly, as we have done for the full-time delivery of patient assistance positions and health and social services,” said Jennifer Genest, SQEES-298 negotiator. The collective agreements of office and technical staff expired on December 31, 2019. The interim agreement was reached on Friday, October 2, and has followed negotiations facilitated by a provincially appointed mediator in recent weeks.